Euroansa, a credit brokerage company


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Why Euroansa?

Innovation, expertise and assistance are the main characteristics of Euroansa S.p.A., a company that has placed its focus on consultancy. Thanks to its marked propensity for high quality services, it can act as a one-stop shop for the Customer, offering an ever increasing number of products and services and helping Customers choose the right solutions among the many forms of financing on the market.

Information and Trasparency

Euroansa S.p.A. is the only Italian credit brokerage company to be certified both for consultancy (ISO 22222I2005) and for financial (UNI 11402I2011). Like other companies operating in the market, we offer products including: secured loans, personal and business loans, salary-backed loans, lease and insurances. What makes us stand out among all others is particularly our customer care approach. Thanks to the vast experience and professionalism of our collaborators, any person contacting Euroansa can feel fully supported. Euroansa S.p.A. is the reference at a national level for private customers and businesses, to which help and support are provided over time.

Partner Banks

The offer expands constantly thanks to a team of motivated professionals and important partnerships with the main Banking Institutions. Guidance is provided to customers, to help them choose among many financial, insurance and pension solutions on the market.

Customer Care

Our strong point, the one that makes us stand out among all the other industry operators, is certainly our consultancy service. Any entrepreneur, professional or company we assist is assigned to a highly specialized Euroansa consultant, who becomes the single reference for the customer and is able to assess a company’s history and its potential, as well as to help setting its future goals. Euroansa thus becomes an external partner having a preparatory role in the development of a company’s mission. An interlocutor acting as a real intermediary between the administrative and the economic- financial management of a company.